About the Global Risk Monitor

The Global Risk Monitor (GRM) tracks the likelihood of our top ten global risks – the most serious and pertinent geopolitical and macroeconomic risks the world faces in the year ahead.

The GRM’s rigorous and transparent methodology helps businesses and policymakers track emerging risks and measure their impact on geopolitics, macroeconomics and investor interests – all available through a user-friendly, fully interactive interface which links directly to further analysis from the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief.

GRM clients can:

  • Track the evolution of our top ten risks through weekly updates, which include a one-year outlook
  • View likelihood and impact assessments calibrated by our in-house analysts, Senior Global Advisors, and our global network of experts
  • Contact our in-house analysts directly with questions about our risk analysis
  • Tailor our service to identify, assess, and track risks pertinent to your strategy and operations through our Customised Risk Monitor

Who we are

Oxford Analytica is a global analysis and advisory firm which draws on a worldwide network of experts to advise its clients on their strategy and performance.
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The Global Risk Monitor Team

Will Arthur
Political Risk Analyst

Katerina Fytatzi
Political Risk Analyst

Moray McConnachie
Director of IT

Analysis Team
In-house experts assigned to each risk

Contributor Network
The best minds on any subject in the political economy

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