Customised Risk Monitor

Drawing on our joint analysis and advisory capabilities, our Risk Practice offers customised risk monitoring for government and corporate clients, tailored to your organisation’s risk exposure, strategic priorities and operational needs.

The robust, transparent, qualitative methodology in the Global Risk Monitor can be tailored to provide you with:

  • structured and analytically rigorous risk identification -- in close collaboration with you and supported by our extensive industry and regional expertise and track record
  • daily or weekly tracking of these risks by our in-house team and global network of experts
  • tailored advisory services to help you carry out the necessary macro diligence through the analysis and assessment of emerging risks, the design of effective mitigation strategies and the ability to take advantage of the opportunities created by these contingencies.

We offer these services through the same engaging, transparent user interface available in the Global Risk Monitor.

Customised Risk Examples

  • EU regulatory restrictions on shale gas exploration
  • renewed conflict in the South Caucasus
  • water insecurity in China
  • sectoral vulnerability to expropriation in Argentina.

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